Competitive Advantage

Large Aluminum Castings

A&B’s foundry has the capability of producing some of the industry’s largest and most complex aluminum castings, most of which are poured in Air Set molds. They have the capacity to produce castings up to 6,500 pounds.

V-Process Casting

For medium and large castings, this revolutionary and efficient process uses a special plastic film; dry, fine silica sand; an innovative flask design; and a vacuum to produce superior finished pieces. Minimizing surface defects with V-Process castings that allow for sharper corners, tighter radii, and more intricate details.

The V-Process casting line utilizes a 64” X 84” flask capable of making castings up to 700 pounds.


We prides ourselves in being able to produce some of the most difficult to make castings. Our ability to tackle these complex jobs is based primarily on knowhow, gained over several decades of trial and error. According to our company’s CEO, Vinod Sahni, there are three keys to a quality casting:

  • Experienced engineering and design.
  • Knowing how to put the risers and chills in to assure sound sections and avoid shrinkage.
  • Knowing how to pour.


We continue to improve productivity with the on-going integration of new technologies. This includes the latest computer-aided design technology and state of-the-art test equipment, including a spectrometer, a fluorescent penetrant inspection room, and in-house X-ray capabilities.

Regarding CAD technologies, A&B’s foundry utilizes AutoCad, SolidWorks, and DesignCad to develop drawings pertaining to casting layout, plant engineering, and process control. Several customers use A&B’s knowledge to send electronic drawing files directly for producing tooling required for their casting requirements.

Pattern Making & Storage

Our foundry does have its own pattern shop for producing and maintaining patterns. Furthermore, we have two separate buildings totaling 14,000 sq. ft. for storage of patterns, in which approximately 2,000 patterns are stored. Maintaining and storing patterns provides A&B an advantage over competition for repeat business.


Over the years, our team has developed a database documenting every job, summarizing the process, commenting on the pattern, providing and storing digital images, and recording test data. Digital pictures of all patterns have been entered into a database with exact locations of the molds recorded. This assures that the learning curve of every job is retained.

Quality Control

A&B’s Foundry is approved as ISO 9001:2008 Certified. And we are following all of our documented practices.

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